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A Short History of Steiff

Richard Steiff was the creator of the Steiff bear. He was born on February 7th, 1877 in Giengen, was a German designer. Steiff attended the School of Arts and Crafts in Stuttgart where he developed and perfected his skills as a toy maker. He was inspired by a bear enclosure on a school trip. His sketches from this trip were incorporated in his prototype of the Steiff bear he created in 1902. 

The steiff bear had its debut in Leipzig toy fair in 1903. Around this time the teddy bear had just been invented in america by a man named morris michtom. A american buyer saw the potential this steiff bear had in america so took steiff’s invention and ran with it. 

Success in the united states followed, in 1904 steiffs sold 12 000 steiff bears. They adopted the trademark “ button in the ear “ to stand out from the imitations and to make the companies high quality products unmistakable and easily identifiable. In 1906 an international company was founded and still trades under that same name today,  Margarete Steiff GmbH.

Today steiff is 1 of the world’s premier manufacturer of high quality toys and collectables. Steiff is internationally known for its outstanding quality. And is known for still using traditional materials. 

Candlewick offers a range of items, weather it be candles, accessories, home decor and even cuddly collectables. The main attraction being the limited edition steiff collectables in the cuddly teddy selection. These fluffy friends are not just a childs toy but are rare collectables to people of all ages and can sell for quite large amounts. Candlewick currently offer 5 different options for the collectables with the lowest going for around £150 to the highest being nearly £300. They are collectors items, so the large price is an investment.

Steiff bears are now seen as a collectors item. Due to their history and different rarities it is seen as a trophy to own these fluffy friends. Candlewick is offering, as well as its usual candles, fragrances and home decor,  a range of these valued items, currently a selection of 5 different limited edition variant, ranging from low cost of £150 to £300.

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