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Same Day Dispatch Before 3pm

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New Website Now Live!

Candlewick’s new website offers many different opportunities for customers and business. It is an opportunity to reach wider audiences and allow more convenience for current customers.

Shop on the move

For example, customers can now shop on the move, this means that you can now from anytime and anywhere access your smartphone or other device and shop on the go. This is vastly more convenient for users as it gives them another method of payment and an alternative way of browsing what the store has to offer. This obviously also makes the business more widely available and helps them reach a different range of potential customers and business opportunities. In 2018 it was found that in the uk 87 percent of people make purchases online. 

First to get to stock & deal / offers

The website will also allow users to be able to see the latest products straight away. They can see what’s in stock from their own homes and be the first to know about any deals or discounts which means it makes it better for you as the customer to find opportunities of saving money and getting a better price quicker on the products you want. This saves the customer time on travelling to the business itself to see and increases the convenience that step further for the modern age shopper. 

Click and collect

Another thing the website provides is a click and collect feature which basically means shoppers can easily browse, select and click what they want and let it be delivered to the stores for them to collect. This takes the stress out of shopping for customers who need to go out of their way to go to stores and check if they have what they want and allows you to have even more control of how you shop. 

72% of UK shoppers currently use Click and Collect.

Digital gift card

Digital gift cards work just like normal physical gift cards however a digital gift card is a code which is safer to look after and use as it cannot be tampered, destroyed or lost. Furthermore it’s easier for customers to receive and manage and it can be sent to them at anytime, anywhere. This means it’s easier for the business to hand out and controland can do little things like save money on costs of paper and printing on physical coupons, which in turn has environmental benefits too. During a 2016 evaluation, it was found that 81% of top internet retailers offered digital gift cards. Candlewick offers a digital gift card service for these reasons and to have a further method of advertising to its customers through the offers attachached.

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